LETTA Display – Display for meat, dairy and fresh products

LETTA is a serve-over counter for display of meat, dairy products, fresh and pre-packed products. Static cooling for perfect preservations of the products. It is available in different modifications with built-in or remote condensing unit. Additional refrigerated storage below the display area is an option.

  • Build-in or remote version
  • Static cooling
  • Additional refrigerated storage
  • Digital controller
  • Temperature range: -2 / +8 C
  • LED lighting
  • Automatic defrost system


LETTA is a refrigerated serve-over display counter for the sale of meat, dairy products, pre-packed and fresh products. Static cooling offers perfect storage and a fresh look of the displayed goods. The display is also available in the version for sale of fish and fish products (-2⁰С ÷ 0⁰С) and as a heated display for cooked meals (+ 55⁰С ÷ 80⁰С). The standard sizes we offer are L1200mm, L1500mm, L2000mm. There is also a possibility for custom sizes to order. The design of the showcase allows unlimited length of the trade line and a combination between different types of showcases.

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Production of refrigerated display cases for sandwiches and drinks, island showcases of open type - self-service for packaged food. Serve-over counters for meat and dairy products. Multideck displays with or without doors for the sale and storage of beverages, meat, and food products. Refrigerated pastry display cases with forced circulation or static cooling for demonstration and storage of cakes, pastries, and other confectionery. Refrigerated display cases for ice cream, chocolate, wine, and flowers. Production of furniture for butchers - stand refrigerated display cases for meat and dairy products. Refrigeration and commercial equipment for fast food restaurants - refrigerated display cases such as salad bowls, cases for desserts, as well as heated display cases such as Ben Marie for ready meals. Commercial furniture for gas stations, pastry shops, ice cream and wine bars. Design and manufacture of complete commercial furniture on individual projects for restaurants and sushi bars, cafeterias and gelaterias, restaurants and shops. Non-standard refrigeration products created with vision and functionality according to the wishes and dimensions of the client.

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