Heated Displays Ben Marie

Разположение на съдовете

Our heated displays are designed for cooked meals. They are made according to all hygienic and sanitary requirements and are extremely convenient for operation and maintenance. Individuality and own handwriting.


• 1/1 GN – 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 pcs
• Inside finishing – stainless steel
• Side glasses – straight or curved
• Front glass – straight or curved
• Tray rail – stainless steel

• Digital controller
• Heater

Temperature range
• +55 ÷ +85 C

• LED 3000К/4000K/5000K
• Horizontal

Outside finishing
• RAL painted metal



The construction of our heated displays allows individual style and vision for each client. The products are basic models, with a choice and combination of materials corresponding to the specific project. Every characteristic of the overall design can be expressed on the appearance of the heated displays – Ben Marie. Countertops of different types of stone or stainless steel, combined with exterior of metal, solid wood, MDF and much more will give your store individuality and its own style.

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Production of refrigerated display cases for sandwiches and drinks, island showcases of open type - self-service for packaged food. Serve-over counters for meat and dairy products. Multideck displays with or without doors for the sale and storage of beverages, meat, and food products. Refrigerated pastry display cases with forced circulation or static cooling for demonstration and storage of cakes, pastries, and other confectionery. Refrigerated display cases for ice cream, chocolate, wine, and flowers. Production of furniture for butchers - stand refrigerated display cases for meat and dairy products. Refrigeration and commercial equipment for fast food restaurants - refrigerated display cases such as salad bowls, cases for desserts, as well as heated display cases such as Ben Marie for ready meals. Commercial furniture for gas stations, pastry shops, ice cream and wine bars. Design and manufacture of complete commercial furniture on individual projects for restaurants and sushi bars, cafeterias and gelaterias, restaurants and shops. Non-standard refrigeration products created with vision and functionality according to the wishes and dimensions of the client.

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